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Welcome to the Dapth Side.

Founded on our vision to connect digital to human {D...H}. Dapth comes from deep, being apt and connecting digital to humans.

We wanted to offer our clients a partner-based approach for executing digital projects, in an 'apt' way. We don't like agency models (with retainers) or outsourcing (with smoke screening).

Our solution? To make the process for delivery more transparent, with a methodology that allows us to dig deep, identifying the business issues and solve them through development. This gives you direct access to a local Perth team doing the work. We cut out layers of account management before things simply get done, while keeping jobs in Australia (as well as data).

Dapth wasn’t a new business, and it wasn’t a rebrand. Our business was originally called something else, and formed a department of another business. We broke away, which allowed us to scale, pivot, and label ourselves with a fitting name. At the same time, we expanded our team and services alongside our client’s growth. 

We have supported digital projects across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and UK, all from our Perth HQ. Rebrands are what businesses do when they aren’t busy, or have free time. That wasn’t us. With a busy work schedule, we almost can't keep up with our own story, but we will make time to hear yours.

We Digitally Unite, Hence We Du.

There is a digital opportunity in every business waiting to be unlocked. We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have damn good glasses. Are you ready for a digital revolution?

Digitalisation is not complicated, it is complex. We understand the complexity, we find and build solutions, we deal with the complexity. We change businesses for the better and build on relationships with our clients as we face the future of digital together. We digitally unite.

Our vision is to cultivate dynamic and enduring relationships among our clients, technology, and experiences, fostering an environment that maximises their business objectives with innovation and sustainability. We strive to create exceptional outcomes that inspire pride and passion, ensuring our relevance and freshness in the rapidly evolving modern age.

Our Code

Dapth is a place where uniquely selected talent is carefully added, like herbs and spices in your favourite dish. Our team live by our code.

At our core, we are catalysts for growth and innovation, enabling enterprises to harness the power of digital technology to enhance communication, articulate their services, and present a compelling value proposition. By modernising tools, applications, processes, and procedures, we drive exceptional efficiency and operational cost savings, propelling businesses towards a stronger bottom line and creating opportunities for sustained growth. We achieve this through a profound sense of partnership.

  • With our clients, we forge unwavering alliances, venturing into uncharted territories and ceaselessly pursuing untapped possibilities and unprecedented opportunities.
  • Within our team, we foster empowering partnerships, where genuine passion for their craft fuels the ownership of roles, driving a relentless pursuit of excellence. It is through this unwavering dedication that extraordinary creations come to life.
  • In collaboration with fellow service providers, we engage in enlightened alliances that transcend personal gain. By pooling our collective skills and expertise, we synergise our strengths and unite around a shared vision, crafting unrivalled outcomes that propel our clients to unparalleled levels of success and prosperity. 

What Are We Up To?