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Supporting DSF services through digital. 

Our goal was to enable DSF to take advantage of cutting-edge integrations, to support their pursuit of digital innovation. 

DSF is a leading Western Australian organisation that empowers individuals with specific learning disabilities and/or difficulties to realise their greatest potential. With services available throughout the state, DSF provides quality family support and a range of other services to achieve this goal. 

We partnered with the DSF team to help turn their vision into reality, and we couldn’t wait to get started! Our role was to construct a plan that gave users the best access and connection to DSF services, whilst offering a range of process enhancing backend functionality for staff.

"Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF) is a future focused and forward thinking organisation. We have worked with them for many years, and while their digital platform has evolved (and continues to), their focus is the same, greater access for all through the use of digital."

Digital transformation with their website at the core.

To showcase all that DSF has to offer, we needed to completely overhaul their existing website. In the process this unlocked many additional digital marketing resources for the team to use -thanks to Kentico.

The foundation of this digital transformation was based around giving DSF the ability to independently manage and expand their online presence, which included: 

  • A fresh public facing website featuring a custom design
  • eCommerce functionality, payment gateway and POS system
  • Marketing modules for data collection and automation
  • Easy to use, fully customised library module 
  • Tutor portal boasting a range of handy features and automation
  • MYOB integration that makes reconciliation a breeze
  • Events module with a mobile-responsive calendar, to manage a range of activities 

The focus is on digital services for all to access.

To shape DFS’s digital presence online, we conducted a series of workshops, identifying personas and typical service users. From there, we could clearly define a website layout and hierarchy, to support the wide range of website goals and unlock new opportunities. Starting the project on the right foundation was crucial to ensure everything DSF has to offer was on display. 

Future focused eCommerce evolution with MYOB integration.

As DSF experienced growth, it became priority to evolve their e-commerce functionality. It was also critical to leverage user insights and collect valuable data to help them in continuing to transform their organisation.  We used the website highlight functionality, such as becoming a member, and then seamlessly integrated it with services on offer, such as library resources, events and connecting with a tutor. We then forged a pathway to integrate these together using Kentico to manage user profiles, page permissions and integration directly into MYOB.

Removing limitations and increasing accessibility for all. 

Built on Kentico with the best global development practices and a UX first approach, the site features valuable WCAG AA compliance. It provides users with help icons (where applicable) which support both text and media content -which can easily be managed by DSF website administrators.

Automated eCommerce to work for the organisation 24/7.

We made user accounts, purchases, library loans and tutor bookings as seamless as possible,. This was achieved by simplifying unnecessary actions and adding features that prompted users to complete desired transactions. We also implemented a complex discount structure, to support promotional codes (special offers) for members. Price discounts could then be automatically applied when a user is logged in. We also developed the capability for administrators to tag products in order to cross-link resources back to tutoring, clinical services and membership.

Marketing features, data-driven decisions and customer experiences.

 Supporting a continual drive for excellence, we enabled key marketing features to gain transparency across all activity. This included:

  • Lead scoring, personas and segmentation
  • Marketing automation and newsletter management
  • Web analytics with conversions and activity tracking
  • Unlimited number of content administrators
  • Mail merge functionality allowing selected users, members, or groups to be emailed based on email templates

The solution included innovative tools such as easy management of online forms partnered with automated triggers. Automated activities include things such as sending a completion certificate email after a user had attended a workshop, as well as a post event feedback form to gain quality data from attendees. Automated emails were also used extensively throughout the tutor connection process.

Online tutor search and booking system.

A key service for DSF is connecting service users to tutors across WA. We created a tutor management system that featured a powerful search, allowing service users to find tutors based on location, availability, hours, tutoring age, or area of focus. Some key features include:

  • Parents can provide feedback on assigned tutors
  • DSF has visibility of students assigned to tutors, and for how long
  • Automated notifications for tutors to revise their student list and add or remove any students accordingly

Reminders for when compliances are due to expire, flagging tutors and members who are non-compliant.

Plus everything you'd expect.

It’s never simply ‘just a new website’ – and working with local developers, this meant DSF received a custom ‘How to Guide’ and staff training by the same developers who built the solution.

The site was built utilising SEO-friendly management to drive customers searching for specific, niche resources online to the newly created website. Using Kentico also meant that sensitive data was highly secure and protected, especially important given that eCommerce was involved. If you want help with your next website project, digital transformation or just general guidance – contact us today using the form below. 

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