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Digital brand identity refers to the digital representation of a brand. 

It also includes its overall identity, encompassing every part of its brand presence – values, personality, and imagery. 

There are many tangible benefits to a strong digital brand identity and it is as relevant as ever – regardless of your digital standing, your customers will have an expectation of a strong online presence equating with professionalism.  

In today's fast-paced digital world, a strong digital brand identity is essential to success.

What are the main elements of digital brand identity? 

  • Website - One key aspect of digital brand identity is a robust website. A high-quality, mobile-friendly website aligning with brand identity is crucial and should be optimised for search engines and visitors through relevant keywords and publishing well-written, user-centric content.

  • Social media – A robust social media strategy that aligns with brand values and shares the story is critical. It will forge connections whilst promoting the product or service. 

  • Visual identity – Visual identity encompasses all the imagery and graphical elements of a brand – the elements that represent the brand which typically include a brand colour palette, typography, logo design, corporate photography, illustration and iconography unique to the brand.  

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Why choose digital brand identity?

Brand identity is who your organisation is  – this statement needs to be clear and resonate through all aspects of the business to create a lasting impression.  

A complete brand identity includes many elements. Every detail of your brand identity impacts brand perception, recall, and trust - from colour palette to logo design.  There are tangible benefits to a strong digital brand identity and it is as relevant as ever – regardless of your digital standing, your customers will have an expectation of a strong online presence equating with professionalism.  

With 85% of consumers conducting research before they make a purchase online (Forbes) and approximately 3.8 million Google searches conducted each minute, a digital presence extends to all touch points that consumers may experience with your brand online. Having a strong digital brand identity: 

  • Increases credibility and professionalism 
  • Delivers positive first impressions 
  • Boosts engagement with target audience  
  • Combined digital presence (website, social media, other digital platforms) gives a platform to educate consumers about the brand/highlight unique features  
  • Digital presence (if cohesive) displays a sense of professionalism allowing to prove expertise/stand out  
  • Leads to greater trust  

Elements of brand equity include brand awareness, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand association, and other assets.  


Our digital brand identity services

There are several digital brand identity services that we offer, including: 

  • Visual identity (including logo design, typography, colour palette creation, voice and tone)
  • Corporate imagery
  • Digital brand guidelines - Approaching the task with our atomic design framework, we will create custom digital brand guidelines, working to become your solid digital foundation. These are designed to evolve alongside digital assets, making for a cohesive and synchronised brand experience. 

When you choose our digital brand guideline services, you can expect a collaborative partnership that utilises our technical prowess to enhance brand vision. We start by understanding the brand’s character through interviews and user stories, and gathering brand information across the company, analysing competitors, and listening to clients and customers. We will work together to build out your brand style guidelines.  

A robust brand identity helps you stand out, gain visibility, and position your brand as an industry leader.  As a highly experienced digital development team, we have the expertise to ensure your brand is well-defined and consistent. Starting with a discovery session with a digital transformation consultant we articulate the various projects or touch points this journey would or could touch on. We then outline the value these could offer business goals. We also offer our brand identity services for all industries.  

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Benefits of digital brand identity

  • Consistency – Provides clear instructions and standards for the use of brand elements. This works to boost brand recognition and fosters trust among audiences and users.  
  • Brand integrity – Consistency in branding enhances brand authenticity, helping establish a strong, memorable presence within the digital landscape  
  • Efficiency/time savings – Designers/content creators have a clear framework to work within. They no longer need to spend time deciphering and/or improvising brand elements, resulting in more efficient, streamlined design processes. This eliminates wasted time and reduces the likelihood of brand inconsistency and representation.  
  • Scalability and adaptability – They provide guidance and how to scale/modify brand elements to suit different screen sizes, devices, and digital channels - ensuring maintenance, visual integrity and effectiveness   

Essentially, every brand has its own ‘brand identity’, which is its ‘spirit’ or personality embodying the company’s vision – a combination of elements representing the visual interface of your brand to connect ideas between you and potential and/or existing customers.  Crucial for any business, brand identity represents the company's vision and personality,

Your brand identity is not solely your brand logo although it is one of the most symbolic elements. Overall brand identity (including logo, colour palette, and typography) is crucial in building a strong competitive position in the market. This is because consistency leads to higher brand recognition, recall, trust, and confidence. Everything from the choice and coordination of colours to logo design impacts customer perception – how they see your brand.  

Brand identity has several advantages for any brand, the most important of which are: 

  • Building a strong reputation 
  • Serves as a link between customers and company or organization 
  • Increases the company’s presence and excellence among competitors 
  • Ability to earn different and wider categories, and/or segments, of customers 
  • Help improve marketing campaign results 

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