A team of local website developers in Perth - what more can you want?

Dapth is a 100% fully in-house website development company. We do not outsource your code. Never deal with a website agency again.

We’re not a website agency. We’re a website development and software house. 

The difference is our business model – one that isn’t based on retainer relationships, small print, and lock in clauses. It’s this key difference that’s made us a key digital partner for our clients. 

Our approach to your website development is what we refer to as the Dapth mixed agile methodology. A mouthful clearly explained by the services we live by: Discover, Create, Develop, Support. We ensure your website is built to the correct specification, not over engineered, but delivered in line with your budget and scope.

“What Dapth has done with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales....”

Claire Wright – Perth Zoo

Looking for a website developer?

Correctly developed websites perform. The term ‘clean code’ should be discussed more. Why? When you outsource or rely on plugin heavy websites to showcase those ‘features’, you get a confusing and jumbled mix of a website that limps to the finish line. Sure, the easy choice is to point fingers at plugins making your website slow, and potentially exposing you to data to breaches. The real issue with outsourcing is the implementation of code, how difficult it is for another developer to take over the project, and the lack of control of who has access to your site, your user data and your intellectual property. 

We start the conversation of understanding your pain points (the ones that led you to us talking about your website development), then work to clearly articulate your long-term goals, how you would scale your business, and whether you’re looking to do SEO or SEM (or if you even know what they mean). Then we can clearly advise a direction, plus a cost linked to it. 

Put simply, anyone who gives you a price for a website without first doing a discovery process is about as helpful as a mechanic who tells you the cost to service a car, without first checking the model, year, issues and condition. We’ve worked with sole traders with a limited budget, mining companies with unlimited budgets, local councils with big budgets, and not-for-profits with budgets in the middle. 

We challenge you to challenge us with your website development project.

That old chestnut! We would rather show you the sites we have built and tell you the cost (and why). 

No, this isn’t an escape clause, it’s a fact calling out the smoke screen that is a one size fits all view of website design and development offerings because no two websites are ever the same. We’re just sitting here being super transparent about our prices and why. 

Will we be as cheap as an oversees or outsourced provider? No.

Will we be better, available, and local? Absolutely. 

With the issues and potential risks that come with oversees development houses, or falling short of agreed deliverables, long term we’ll prove to be a more cost-effective option. 

Of course, there’s always factors that influence the cost of your project like:

  • The number of content pages
  • Whether you want custom designs
  • If you’re happy for us to define your look and feel
  • Whether you want special animations or effects
  • If any 3rd party integrations are needed
  • If the website will be eCommerce
  • If you need any prototypes or testing before the build
  • and the list goes on... 

We can align your project to a set budget (stripping back things that aren’t needed) or scope out and create a brief to achieve all your wish list items.

Do you really want to know an answer to that question? 

Or, would you prefer to know which CMS is best for your individual requirements, load times, personalisation, or our personal favourite: what is the cheapest way to build a website? 

The answer to your question will change if you can be more specific. And, if you simply don’t know which CMS to use, then let us give you the information that allows you to make the best decision for you. 

Don’t let someone else tell you what the best CMS is to use for your website. Make an informed decision aligned with your requirements instead.

Our Dapth process has been crafted from years of website development projects, large and small. 

We guide clients through discovery, design, development, training, and launch. To start your website development project, you need to clearly articulate your goals, the users, and key functional requirements. 

From this, a brief can be completed and agreed to – this will give a digital designer the ability to create a wireframe or prototype. Once a wireframe is signed off, a fully detailed list of deliverables (scope) can be defined, and we can continue to align the best technology (CMS) to deliver your wireframe and functional requirements.

Our team are all based in our Perth, WA offices. They can be access by our clients remotely. We assign the right developer in our team to your project (based on skill and experience). They can act as an extension of our client’s digital teams, assigned to projects, working agile or waterfall as required. We can discuss your unique requirements and working model requirements to see how we can help you best.

Have a project in mind?

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