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A website that is like a mine site – the good stuff is underneath the surface. 

To achieve their current level of success, Iluka has invested carefully in all their valuable resources – whether they’re in the earth, amongst their staff, or online. Which is why they knew that for the company to take the next step, they would need a highly customisable website, with all the in-house education required to make the most of it.

The new website they envisioned would allow them to make the most of strong marketing tools, along with enabling content management staff the ability to add and remove specialised features for any page of the site. In order to empower the team at Iluka to fully manage the website on their own after delivery, hands-on training and a clear 'how to' guide was also needed. And all this would need to be delivered to a very specific timeline.

The website required integration with the ASX, version control, searchable document storage and an event management system. To support Iluka in their digital transformation and ensure the success of this project, our goal was to create a website that catered to a wide range of users, with a well-thought-out user journey.

“Iluka is an international mineral sands company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Using the Kentico platform, our team built a site that enabled complete control over layout, content and information architecture.”

A good looking site, with content fully controlled by Iluka.

As we started our investigation into Iluka’s requirements, it became clear that Kentico CMS would give Iluka’s content managers the highly intuitive management platform they were looking for. We developed a wide range of features, including an editable homepage banner,   along with hero banners for child pages. This provided website editors with the ability to ensure  banner content always reflected Iluka’s current focus and messaging.

There were no surprises for their editors working with web page content – with WYSIWYG editing what they saw in the editing screen is what they’d get on the resulting published pages.

To ensure the website update process was as convenient as possible, editors were given the capacity to schedule content to be published or unpublished as needed. In addition, we created a single media library to ensure all website images and other assets could be easily maintained and accessed. The content team were given access to version control, allowing them to roll back to previous versions of a webpage as needed.

Emphasis was on guiding investors to the relevant documentation.

Guiding website visitors to the information they needed was done in a hybrid manner, using a mega menu navigation and on page widgets. An image carousel (which also supports video) was added to the website‘s landing page to highlight the news and reports most relevant to users. We added a top menu bar which offered a simple three-stage navigation pathway for users, allowing them to easily browse the wide range of content being placed on the site. We also built a search bar that included the use of search filters for a more effective result generation.

There is more to this website than good design and simple content management. Iluka’s large collection of documents found a home in a versatile and easy-to-use document library. Combined with a widget to allow easy access to these documents, users can now quickly filter, search and identify the documents they are looking for.

What made this project a success?

Iluka were extremely happy with the resulting website, and training provided, allowing them to retain completely control over the layout, content, and information architecture of the website. The team can continue to evolve the site to meet their ongoing long-term growth. It a very short delivery timeframe we managed to help with:

  • Mobile first responsive design
  • Email marketing campaign management
  • Quarterly and annual reporting integrations
  • Sitewide search (and suggested search) across content pages, news articles and document data.
  • News module with search functionality
  • ASX integration for share price
  • Community consultation and feedback pages
  • Advanced workflows & page versioning

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