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We are an Umbraco CMS development company in Perth, WA.

Umbraco is a highly flexible open-source content management system. We have worked with clients of all types to get the most out of Umbraco.

Not sure which direction to go between open-source or proprietary content management? 

Umbraco provides much of the systematic management required for simple content editing as well as a solid framework for custom functionality. What we love about Umbraco is that a decent chunk of your budget potentially spent on a subscription-based content management system can instead be put towards development of custom designs or functionality. 

Developers can achieve seamless integrations, and content editors can handle content management without needing to use code (or dig through layer of interfaces to figure out how). Umbraco is a great CMS option for small or large organisations wanting freedom matched by performance.

Umbraco is a flexible content management system that can evolve alongside you. Emphasis is placed on developing what you need, rather than a license model that requires you to pay for features you do don’t.

Looking for an Umbraco development company in Australia?

Umbraco is a unique open-source .NET CMS. It utilises a model view controller (MVC) based architecture, while offering all the goodness you would expect from a typical CMS such as quick page creation, content editing, drop and drag widgets, and versioning. 

The best part: Umbraco is free! This means you can spend more time focusing on custom features and content. Umbraco’s approach is intuitive and allows much of what could be achieved with closed source CMSs (license/paid platforms) with the benefit of being developed on the newer Microsoft technology stack.

Why we think Umbraco is a great CMS.

  1. It’s a flexible modular CMS – Every project has different needs and requirements; the platform is neat and open for change. You can manage content your way. 
  2. Intuitive editing experience – Give your content administrators the power they need, with no more having to ask a developer to update a word, picture or layout.
  3. Faster time to market – supporting the agile delivery model, Umbraco is designed to fit all the flows of your team, your developers and your editors.

True multi-channel delivery for managing content in one place.

A "well built" website with 50,000 unique visitors per day has been reviewed by Umbraco and this performed very well. We do recommend though that you consider Umbraco Cloud Professional and Umbraco Cloud Enterprise with a secure dedicated server, for those enterprise level or high traffic websites.

By default, Umbraco Cloud runs all Umbraco version 8 projects on .NET 4.8, Umbraco 9 projects on .NET 5.0 and Umbraco 10 projects on .NET 6.0.

Depending on how your pages are built, Umbraco by default displays content in a page tree view side by side to the content editing area. Pages are typically built with widgets, that can have a live preview mode or a settings/option panel to change content per widget. Alternatively, Umbraco can support ‘page types’ for a more headless style content management approach. Want to see it for real? 

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