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We are a Kentico Kontent development company in Perth.

This isn’t a spelling error. Kontent by Kentico is spelled with a 'K' for a reason. 

The traditional CMS is for old tech, built before mobile was a thing. Kontent by Kentico (formerly Kentico Cloud) allows you to manage content as simply as a traditional CMS, but unlike traditional CMS solutions, this headless CMS app displays information without the presentation layer (the “head”) that would typically control how content should display on a website.

What does this mean? This means you’re focusing on the content, not on how it will look. A CMS is the reverse - content made specifically for a website on a single device, in a specific style, and then the CMS tries to be ‘responsive’ for mobile devices. That is outdated for digital content management,and Kentico is leading the new way. 

Kentico Kontent aligns with our forward-thinking attitude that digital content is no longer used on one device. A CMS is technology built to present single content for a single device - that then tries to cater to others, and that’s just wrong in our opinion.

Looking for a Kentico Kontent development company in Australia?

We are in the era of rapidly changing consumer habits, trends and devices. 

The issue with website content management platforms is they were based on the era of desktop computers being the only tool to access websites. Now that we’re in a mobile-first, multi-device engagement era, traditional CMS solutions are almost redundant to marketing teams who truly want to engage and capture their audience, service their customers and multiply the impact of content changes. De-coupling and chopping the head from the body of content from design is the future of content management. And we are all for the future.

Benefits of using Kentico Kontent?

  1. Looks like logging into an app, or a simplified CMS backend without the design.
  2. Enables a higher level of content flexibility than a CMS, as well as faster development and quicker deployment speeds.
  3. Can use any coding language and latest development trends such as React, Node.js and Angular.
  4. Is a single content repository area for a truly omnichannel approach across multiple devices.

Digital marketing experts love using it. Give them the gift of Kentico Kontent.

Kentico Kontent allows content editors and marketeers to build and tailor website content and landing pages quickly. You simply focus on the words, and the system handles the presentation to produce content for any experience. This means more time focusing on quality and execution, and less time on the physical updating of styles to match your content.

It helps you remove reliance on front-end developers, or needing to duplicate changes across multiple platforms, saving countless man hours. 

Your team can experiment and update content as needed without delays, being unafraid to try new things or quickly pivot as needed.

Our team is made up of Kentico Certified Developers and Kentico Certified Marketeers. Whether you need training to administrator content, or are looking for Kentico Kontent website developers to make updates, we’re here to help.

Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS, this is different to a traditional ‘CMS.’ It allows you to manage content in the platform, but the most obvious difference is that you’re not editing content on the design side (referred to as WYSIWYG editing or 'what you see is what you get'). 

Traditionally, you would edit on the design of a website, in a widget or content zone, seeing pictures, colours and text at the same time. With Kontent, you edit your content in a form view, such as ‘insert title’ and ‘insert text’. Then via an API, the specific fields push to your various digital platforms (website, digital screen, and app). Kontent is built to only push the relevant content to each platform, whereas a traditional CMSs will push the same content to a desktop and mobile, then attempt to have a responsive design that caters to that content. 

A headless CMS would display different variables of content on the desktop, mobile, and any other digital screen. This creates a much more modern and robust approach to multi-channel content presentation.

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