Dapth was founded with the urge to not just digitalise businesses but address the human. We believe digital does not exist without the human, digital is for the human.

Our work has spanned across mining, government, not for profit and private enterprise. We are a development team and digital consultancy providing leadership and delivery of software, apps, website, intranet and integration solutions. The best bit is we are 100% local and do not offshore any of our work, meaning you get to see your colleagues from our nicely furnished Perth office HQ (and we have flexible working options).

The role:

It is important that you have the right sills, but it is equally important (if not more) that you know what you are responsible for. We value people who thrive on responsibility and are motivated to keep themselves and their team members accountable for the benefit of themselves and the business as a whole.

As an Intermediate Developer you are always curios, following trends and learning new things. You’re well on your way to distinguishing yourself from other developers with your level of experience through constantly pursuing the use of better technologies, tools and ideas, and your ability to teach yourself.

You are a natural problem-solver with a solid understanding of the technical fundamentals which allows you to identify issues, design resolutions and implement solutions in an efficient and effective manner. Communicating and presenting technicalities comes easily and naturally to you, and you are a proud contributor in team environments where you are not afraid to challenge ideas, ask questions and actively contribute to the delivery of outstanding solutions.

Lastly, you are a person with good values and a strong character who works well within a team, and as part of the Dapth Development Team.

Your skills:

As an Intermediate Developer with a decent foundation of technical skills, you will be collaborating and communicating with other developers, business analysts and clients, to help the Dapth team deliver solutions to a high standard. You have a respectable list of technical capabilities, skills, and experience in a good portion of the following: 

  • Strong English comprehension and grammar along with the ability to easily communicate technical detail in ‘layman’s terms and vice versa.
  • Providing and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Strong time management and task estimation skills.
  • Maintaining a diverse portfolio of existing full-stack applications, as well as developing brand new solutions.
  • Designing, communicating, presenting, implementing, and delivering technical solutions relevant to your level of experience.
  • Development using technologies including:
    • C#, .Net Framework, .Net Core
    • JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js
    • React, Next.js, Angular
    • Webpack, Gulp
    • Python
    • SQL, T-SQL, PosgreSQL
    • HTML5
    • Css, Scss
  • Extending Traditional and Headless Content Management Systems (CMSs), Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) and other products such as:
    • Kentico Xperience
    • Umbraco
    • SiteFinity
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Strapi
    • Sanity
    • Odoo
  • Developing solutions and managing workload using tools including:
    • Azure (IaaS/PaaS)
      • Azure SQL DB/Server
      • Virtual Machines
      • App Services
      • Function Apps
      • App Secrets
      • Containers
    • Azure DevOps (specifically Pipelines)
    • Bitbucket, Azure Repos, GitHub
    • JIRA
    • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    • pgAdmin
    • Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code
    • Tempo
    • Slack

First impressions = Lasting history.

Make yours count.

Why Dapth?