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Looking for a website hosting company in Perth, WA?

Your website host has all the power, access, and responsibility. It makes sense to have a face to talk to.

Not all website hosting services are equal. Servers may be based locally, or internationally. If you’re with a government organisation, you may have strict requirements to keep customer data within the country, so you'll need to host locally. If you have an eCommerce store, you may need a server that is fast and highly secure as it deals with transactions and payment information.

Find a local face within a local team to host your website. 

Some websites are best suited to Linux hosting, while others require Windows. Your organisation may be a global company, and you may be looking to leverage servers in multiple locations, or pair hosting with a content delivery service to speed up load times for users abroad. The complexity of hosting can be simplified by a conversation with one of our team members. 

“Keeping your website up to date is important. We are not talking about useless agency retainer models, instead intentional development tasks with a purpose. From ensuring that you are maintaining legitimacy with fresh functionality, to streamlining the onboarding of new customers based on data and trends, we believe your website should be much more than a digital flyer that looks the same as it did a year ago.”

Phil Allen - Director of Dapth

Website hosting is an exhilarating topic (really). Did you need to chat?

There are many services in the web space offering hosting. 

The best service for your website hosting will depend on:

  • Your data protection requirements
  • Where your users are based
  • What kind of access developers need to code
  • How many environments you need to set up
  • The size of the website to be hosted
  • The number of websites
  • The location of your users 
  • And much more! 

Let’s have a quick chat to recommend the best service to host your website and make a plan.

Absolutely! Website hosting does not need to be expensive. Small businesses can have a very basic website that simply just needs somewhere to sit. 

If your website is doing more than just looking pretty (such as offering eCommerce or facilitating web applications/portals), the server needs to provide the power needed to keep user experiences at maximum speed. 

We can help set up your hosting, ensuring you have what you require and are not overpaying for what you do not need.

Yes. We manage hosting for many major organisations across industries such as mining, not for profit and local government. 

We prefer to host websites using Microsoft Azure, and can also leverage our Shared Server for those who do not have the budget or capacity to set up their own dedicated hosting. 

Our team will need to discuss what regulations you need to adhere to, how and where your website is hosted, and a plan for any monitoring or updates that may be required in the future.

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What is the next step?

Talk to us and we will walk you through the options. We have a team dedicated on transforming your digital projects to the next level. 

Enough about us. 

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