Why do you even need a user experience designer?

They aren’t a graphic designer, they aren’t a web designer, they are more than that, better than that.

Please keep it quiet, we know you might simply need a website designer to articulate your new brand or concept, and yes our user experience designers will create it – but whatever you do, don’t call them a website designer. Our talented design team is made up of inhouse creatives, who can visualise, prototype and redefine your user experience. 

Just like any artist, our digital designers have strengths (quirks) that make them especially suited to specific digital art forms or industry. Let us take complete ownership of your masterpiece and watch your digital space take new forms. Our digital experience designers can work with present brand guidelines or work to expand your brand into the digital world, documenting the evolution as you grow.

“When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX?”

Billy Gregory - Senior Accessibility Engineer

Looking for a user experience designer?

Great digital product design is like a well-executed high-five. It takes two people, a digital creative to visualise it and front-end developer to build it. The Dapth design methodology is set up to guide your project from idea all the way through to delivery. To establish a user-lead design, a deep dive discovery process takes place. Watch as we digitally unite your user to the goal you would like to achieve through design. 

A user today is not the same as 100 years ago, even 1 year ago, in fact more likely habits are changing daily. Your digital tools are competing with digital experiences across all devices, meaning that a user is expecting things they see on everyday devices, if you can’t provide some resonance of a quality experience, there will be a competitor waiting to do so. Our user experience designers craft their visual artwork taking into consideration how the technology will be able to implement their design. An example is a website, it needs to consider mobile responsiveness and the platform it is built, an extension of proprietary software however may have design limitations (when everything is fully customisable). We assign the right user experience designer with your project and may change them across platforms as needed.

It is said that an average customer interacts with your brand through more than one digital channel or tool. A user experience designer considers the many ways a user engages with you, and ensures there is consistency to this. They should be technology agnostic, looking at how they can tailor insight driven design conventions (and you brand identify) into the selected platform for your project.

User interface design (UI) considers the ways in which the identified user moves in a defined journey (from A to B). These are the molecules used by the user to achieve their goal, such as buttons, toggles, and swipe conventions. User experience design (UX) is about the experience of the user centered around how they feel, their level of satisfaction or frustration, and a review of the entire interaction with your digital platform.

It depends on the type of project, essentially a user experience designer should be leveraged in some part. We can leverage our UX designers even on the smallest project. For example an update to a widget that is only a couple hours work in total (for development) can and should still have a UX consultant check over it. We are lucky enough to have developers who understand design, but that is because they have the support of a designer when needed. If you aren’t sure what role a UX designer could play, or if they are needed on your project, leave that to us to present your options. 

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