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We are a Kentico Xperience development company.

As a leading Australian Kentico gold partner, we help you make smart digital marketing simple. Kentico Experience is an ASP.NET content management system (CMS) that fully integrates web content management, e-commerce, digital marketing and intranet in one single platform (it can do some pretty cool stuff!)

Kentico has evolved from Kentico CMS to Kentico DXP [digital experience platform]. G2 crowd ranked it #1 for usability at the start of 2022 (no surprises there). A dynamic online marketing solution Xperience focuses on empowering content administrators as the experience makers. 

Whether you’re a marketeer or business owner, thanks to Kentico, we can enable you to deliver and optimise real-time customer centric solutions across a wide range of channels for your business. If your business requires a platform that rolls all your digital needs into one seamless package, then Kentico Xperience is our number one pick.

We choose Kentico Xperience for most of our enterprise level projects due to its cost saving benefits, tight security and robust performance. 

We are an Australian Kentico Xperience development company, with gold status.

Kentico Xperience is the core and foundation, our Kentico developers wrap your design around the functionality the platform offers. Your team is then trained to manage content, enabling them to be completely independent, so you can get on with your day-to-day operations. 

Xperience is appreciated by most marketing and communication experts as it allows them to facilitate enterprise level workloads with a small and nimble team. In short, Kentico Xperience makes it look like you have a much bigger department than in reality, with features like workflows and automation picking up the slack.

At Dapth, our goal is to revolutionise the perception of what content management means by shifting clients aways from traditional CMS methods, into the modern era of digital experience platforms like Kentico Xperience. 

The benefits of teaming up with Kentico.

  1. Kentico Xperience integrations are easy to facilitate. In fact it is one of the most common activities undertaken by done by our team.

  2. It’s a highly secure website platform. It’s changed the game on data protection and even has its own data protection app to help you navigate the world of GDPR.

  3. The CMS comes with a fully integrated marketing suite. No more using other tools to manage your marketing automations, personalised experiences and facilitate EDMs.

  4. It features a super intuitive interface. You can navigate and change content or build pages with widgets very easily. No longer will you have to jump through layers to figure out how to change that one piece of content.

Digital marketing experts love using it. Give them the gift of Kentico Xperience.

Kentico Xperience’s marketing suite includes website analytics and smart email marketing. 

You can create A/B tests of pages to see what content engages best, and personalise content based on specified parameters. The platform has a powerful geolocation tool, allowing you to present different content based on the location or country of use, a feature global organisations find handy especially when they offer services internationally. 

Website personalisation enables smoother onboarding experiences, matched with automation, allowing your marketing and sales teams to be much quicker in converting enquiries.

Kentico Xperience can also host your intranet or customer portal.

No more pushing staff to one platform and customers to another. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Keep all your content and documentation centralised by creating permission-based areas of the website, or subsite locations for an intranet or client portal. This way, content administrators only need to log into one system to manage the information. This is handy when you are dealing with document management, media libraries or other web services that need to be accessible remotely. 

You can scale up operations from a content perspective by uploading a content page, and selecting whether private or public, or on intranet versus main site (or both).

Kentico is not the product, it’s a company that represents two products; Kontent and Xperience. 

Kentico Xperience content management system is used typically for websites and intranets. It uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Servers for development using Visual Studio, or through Microsoft MVC. Kentico Xperience is compatible with Microsoft Azure. The latest version is Kentico Xperience 13. Kentico Kontent is a headless content management system (CMS) that is really well suited to centralised content management across multiple devices (separating content from the design output) it is a SaaS solution using APIs to retrieve and push content across platforms talking nicely with other programming languages. 

The main difference is Xperience is suited to content management made for a specific design (website) vs Kontent is suited for single content management used on multiple channels (website, mobile app, digital screens, watches, displays and more).

Our team is made up of Kentico Certified Developers and Kentico Certified Marketeers. Whether you need Kentico administrator training or Kentico developer training, we have workshops ready to educate and nurture the next Kentico super user!

We offer training on site or remotely for individuals or teams. 

100% yes. We are completely biased though (with reasons we can explain). 

Based on the work we’ve completed for enterprise level web solutions, Kentico offer a considerable level of power and functionality for a fraction of the cost. Other proprietary content management systems (like Sitecore) either have a user-based subscription model (cost increases with user traffic) or simply a high yearly cost. 

Open-source content management systems on the other hand (like Drupal) are technically free to use but development is expensive and content management is painful (meaning a lot of man hours are needed).

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