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Looking for a Perth based intranet development company? Our intranet developers can connect your remote team and centralise work processes.

Dapth is a 100% fully in-house intranet development company with a team of intranet developers who will keep your team connected.

Intranets are a basic employee right, a key central tool that shouldn’t be forgotten. The trick to an intranet that serves a purpose is to ensure it aligns to the needs of your team, and that it correctly addresses the key criteria of an intranet. That means it should provide access to documentation, facilitate a news and alerts function, and ultimately foster remote collaboration. 

Updates should be instantaneous and access should be secure.  An intranet should have all the standard elements but tailored to your team's needs.

"We create modern digital workspaces that keep your business and staff connected and protected. With the increased pressure to facilitate decentralised staff and teams, ensuring you can provide secure access to a constantly moving workforce is not just essential – it is becoming an organisational standard.”

Ben Newton – Development Team Manager at Dapth

Do you even need an intranet?

Your intranet should be a place where your team lives and breathes, and the first thing they open each day. It has the power to create efficiency, and build on positive company culture. And being digital means you can track and optimise your intranet as you grow.

We align the starting point of your intranet development project based on where you are currently. Are we taking over an existing intranet, are we updating functionality, or are we starting from scratch? If our intranet developers are building a new intranet for your organisation, we need to do some preliminary digging and create a project plan. Our intranet developers and consultants would work closely with your team to identify employee needs, frustrations, and processes.

Through the discovery process, we’d identify your business objectives, unpacking risks, and working to map out the infrastructure required to develop your new intranet.

Your intranet is key to your employee, team, and customer experience. You may not need to customise an intranet, instead leveraging a tool already on the market. 

Your intranet requirements may be facilitated with an employee portal, customer portal, task management system, or subsite area within your website. 

Typical features could include:

  • A news feeds and blogs (accessible on the website)
  • Document management (available through a document management solution) 
  • Task management and dashboards (part of your customer relationship management tool)
  • Or scheduling (seen through your shared calendars). 

These features and functions have been created before in many ways, but the value is in tying all the pieces together, to create efficiency for your team within time or budget restraints.

Connecting your intranet to existing tools and third party software is a great way to increase functionality while minimising duplicate data. This is where many intranets fall short and end up being ignored. 

If your intranet content administrators can get access easier elsewhere, or need to manually reproduce things, they will start using the intranet as a cheat sheet for links to other tools. 

A powerful intranet is a connected one - from fully integrated staff directories (that update as soon as a staff member starts or leaves) to document libraries directly accessible and searchable within your intranet (not just a link to a OneDrive folder). Our intranet integration developers can help in many ways - ask us about your intranet integration development project today. 

Does having an intranet help your business?

Most organisations are now recognising the potential return on investment intranets have, many of them planning on having some kind of central digital hub in the near future.

In today’s modern workplace, staff are constantly moving and are bombarded with emails. The majority of organisations either plan to implement some form of digital hub or are planning to revamp their intranet but are not sure where to start.

An intranet is a centralised digital hub that increases collaboration and communication with the ability to share news, manage documents, create events, discuss potential issues, build company culture and more.

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