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The digital world provides an abundance of opportunities. Don’t let the challenges stop your digital transformation.

Our stance is simple, digital transformation should be more than a buzzword. It should be a clear, actionable plan, that all your stakeholders have contributed to and well informed. The challenge is already at your doorstep, to innovate and leverage technology, or face the consequences of being left behind. Our digital transformation consultants look to improve your business processes. We are future focussed and aim to support the development of new business capabilities. We look to activate your team and enable them to become more efficient, removing those boring tasks and enabling better use of their time. Big or small, we help your team to embrace the power of digital technology.

We have been developing effective digital transformation plans and procedures for a little while. We have a hardcore methodology that we do not swerve away from.

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We have been developing effective digital transformation plans and procedures for a little while. We have a hardcore methodology that we do not swerve away from. Learn more about our Dapth mixed-methodology. Our digital transformation consultants have seen companies win and lose when it comes to leveraging all things digital. The greatest issues usually touch on the internal disconnect between teams, the lack of understanding of the end users, and simply having the resources to make the change now – and manage it into the future. Dapth are different, we partner with our clients from the start, all the way through the developments stages (with our inhouse team) and out the other end. We can train your team or put in place an ongoing support model, it is completely up to your unique needs.

Usually they focus on specific areas, such as areas or departments within an organisation, our first step is to identify these. Traditionally referred to as business process transformation, business model transformation, cross-functional transformation, and holistic organisational change.

It is the process taken to leverage technology to refine or create better business processes, improve customer experience, increase staff efficiency or unlock new services for the current and future phases of the business’ life cycle.

It all starts with define and discover. Firstly, we need to establish that what you mean when you say ‘digital transformation’ vs what your intended results are. Starting with a discovery session with a digital transformation consultant, we then articulate the various projects, or touch points, this journey would or could touch on. We would then outline the value to your business goals that these projects could offer in the short, medium and long term.

Why do you need digital transformation?

Your digital transformation journey has influence on how your business operates, your sales and your future.

Post Covid-19’s impact on the world there has been an incredible acceptance and update of digital technology never seen before. Across the world companies are investing considerable amounts of money and resources into digital transformation projects. 

We put you on a path to win, to achieve the goals that matter most, to reduce staff frustration and make sales pipelines more effective. Data-driven digital transformation is essential. Why not leverage a team who can manage the process end to end, or leverage your internal resources for the various stages, no fine print, no speaking in code, just real meaningful change.

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