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We are a Perth digital experience company. Give your staff and customers meaningful digital experiences.

Digital experiences are important for all users, whether it’s a member of your team, or a customer engaging your services.

The way your staff can achieve tasks, and the quality of their service to your customers, relies heavily on their digital experiences. Growing your business requires an understanding of how all users interact with your company, products, and services. 

We’re growing tired of basing development on personal assumptions and then validating changes after a digital tool has been built. Our team of UX designers work hand in hand with software developers on your digital experience project. This unique, holistic approach means cutting edge design while ensuring your digital platform plays nicely with the tools in your ecosystem. We are data and insight driven.

“Digital experience is the ability to look into what your users are trying to achieve, how it aligns to your goals for the user, and the best steps to optimise this experience - from design right through to development.”

Natasha Allen - Director of Dapth

User experience design as a methodology

From key interaction points, to optimised conversion moments and intuitive user journeys, we are led by user habits, types, and goals, resulting in holistic development projects. 

Dapth have a user focused process for our digital projects; it starts with UX design workshops, then onto prototyping. At this point, we can produce a clearly documented set of user-led development tasks. We make a point of understanding your user better than anyone else, identifying who they are, what they need and where they're going. 

We conduct workshops to draw out data on your user profiles, create user types, define your audience and align it to a revised content and UX strategy.  User experience exploration and validation have the power to influence your organisation from the bottom up. Data-driven customer focused UX & UI  is the way of the future and staying ahead of changing user trends and habits will be the key to the success of your project, whether an internal piece of software or public facing website.

A digital experience is the interaction between a user (customer or employee) and your business (or organisation) based on the use of digital platforms. 

The experience heavily relies on the use of this digital tool or channel. It can also include the user of multiple platforms, such as a website, portal, intranet or mobile application.

Never fear! Our team of consultants are well adept in mapping out and visualising a concept. In fact, it’s what we’re here for. 

Our aim is to create an interactive prototype that can then be tested and workshopped with your users. 

If it relies on an ‘off the shelf product,’ we’ll try to get access to a sandbox environment and even an agile development process with a key emphasis for user testing and validation.

A digital experience designer is a title for an experienced user-focused creative. They don’t stick to one system or platform, but instead follow the flow of data (user touchpoints) across multiple devices or tools. 

They have a goal of ensuring customers have a seamless experience as they transition through the lifecycle and engagement with your business. They find creative ways to guide the user so they achieve what they want, while steering them through the journey you would expect them to have. This could span website design, mobile applications design, in-store digital devices or screens and custom software.

Digital experiences implemented correctly through development.

Your digital experience needs to be visual, but also translatable through code. Our team paint the vision and then mash the keyboards.

Receive invaluable input from UX/UI designers and developers who have forged advanced, complementary, and user-focused digital solutions many times before, working in harmony for the benefit of you and your customers. 

Be informed by data and discovery, with structural wireframes and functional prototypes that specify core interactions with your digital product or service.

Translate your brand’s aesthetic attributes into interface visuals, applying brand styling to priority areas of the experience for review against user needs and business objectives.

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