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The system integration revolution begins here

Systems integration involves understanding the current business challenge (the processes) and reviewing how the related business processes, tools or applications interact (the integrations). To stay competitive in today’s market, we need to make sure staff or customers have access to everything they need at any given time – from anywhere in the world. By integrating your different technologies together, businesses are able to grow organically without having to worry about imploding due to lack of efficiency or growth.

The integrated digital world is making many tasks easier, but also harder

The truth is systems that are not integrated lead to an inevitable increase in total operational cost and resource consumption. You should consider integrating all of your business systems if any of these apply to you: Your company has grown beyond its current system's capabilities; Your company has multiple locations or divisions; You need real-time data across all departments; You have experienced significant growth over the last few years but haven't had a corresponding increase in IT resources.

If you find yourself spending more than 10% of your time on administrative tasks, then there may be a need for integration between different business systems. If you have multiple people working on the same task or project, but they don’t always use the same system or even share information with each other, then this could also indicate a lack of integration between these business systems. And if one person has access to all relevant data while another does not, this too indicates a lack of integration between these business systems. In addition, if two departments within your company have separate processes that require them both to complete similar tasks (such as entering orders into their respective CRM), then this too indicates a lack of integration between these business systems. There are many other ways in which a lack of integration can affect operations—and many reasons why integrating existing applications should be at the top of your priority list.

Lack of real-time reporting is a serious inefficiency

Are you struggling to get a view of business performance in a timely fashion or having to access multiple platforms to access data? 3rd party tools are the new black. They offer an plethora of business data, but not always in a timely manner or with real-time insight - which can make it difficult for managers to understand what's really happening at their company on any given day. Sometimes with just one simple integration into your system, organisations are able to take new aspects of their performance from one place without exhaustive searching through multiple data sources. The risk is you are either making critical decisions slowly, based on inaccurate information, or are heavily reliant on that one staff member. When that long term staff member with that gut instinct (or spidey senses) suddenly leaves - they take all of their knowledge and experience with them. It can be hard for a business to figure things out or connect the loose pieces.

Customers and staff are frustrated, retention feels like grind

Your company needs a distinctive strategy that will set them apart from the rest of their competitors. Due to fierce competition for both your staff and potential customers, thanks to this hyper digital age we live in, it is important for your business provide exceptional user experiences. For a sustainable company, customer satisfaction (or lack of frustration) is key. With an integrated software system your employees can service their customers more effectively with instant access and information at hand; creating great experiences for both. Dapth is an expert in systems integration, and we know it’s not easy. That’s why we work with our clients to understand their business challenges and review how the related processes interact. Our team of experts can integrate your current tools into one cohesive system so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about all the moving parts.

From day one it was clear that Dapth have extensive expertise and an honest no-nonsense approach to building our digital presence. The team were able to anticipate our needs according to initial discussions and make appropriate recommendations. They were highly responsive throughout the build and after launch they have continued to provide excellent technical support and advice whenever we've needed them.

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Dapth is our primary digital provider for all development projects, whether joint with our internal team, or completed by them independently. They always provide the right experts according to the scope of work and remain highly agile and responsive.


What Dapth did with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales and an increase in total sales, indicating its not just a transfer from onsite to online sales activity...online sales have increased efficiency for all patrons (less queue time) and administrative staff.

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