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Transformation revolution begins with web

The success of both private enterprises and public sector organisations relies on it. In a world where personalisation and responsiveness are at the forefront of modern business, how is it that websites have been a sideline technology left to the basement area of the IT department. In today's website landscape - where dynamic content can be generated based on user location, on any device from any location (without installing a new app) with just one click navigation and user data collection as standard - the typical website seems rather underappreciated in a DX, CX, UX world.

The missing link is between technology and websites

Terminology is an area of concern, while a website itself is a general term, it is the equivalent of calling a Ferrari a car. Equally just like how not all cars are created the same – neither are websites. While some companies successfully ride the digital wave thanks to a game-changing implementation of a ‘website’, others seem to fight the current at every turn. Not all websites are created equal, or do the same thing. You may produce a website that looks fantastic and runs smoothly, but if you fail to link it to your business objectives (and business systems), then the value it offers will be minimal.

Cloud based technology can do more than you think

With the rise in global growth, pandemics and technology evolution. Companies are relying on cloud-based technology more than ever before to keep up with this rapid change for business continuity purposes. Many businesses have had their operating models changed or reinvented through adopting new digital ways of doing things.

A valuable part of strategic planning, and your digital innovation includes the use of your website. They are linked. A website is a cloud-based piece of organisational technology, not an isolated digital presence run by an external communication team or digital agency. It should always be built around core business strategy first – only after this, should decisions be made about the individual tools, technology, and platforms to be used.

"Only by matching the your website carefully with your business objectives will a new system bring about digital transformation that is of real value." Phil Allen, Director at Dapth.

Websites create digital transformation

Websites can now incorporate complex user experiences through things like custom customer portals, or multi-site staff intranets thanks to mobile technology - your web experience will work for you on any device and browser type. The technology gates are open, but before you dash the finish line with a pop-up WordPress plugin or advice from a sole trader developer who is here one day gone the next, the total cost of ownership, technology matrix, data driven investigation, security requirements, risk analysis and transfer in knowledge plans must all be considered to your unique use case.

From day one it was clear that Dapth have extensive expertise and an honest no-nonsense approach to building our digital presence. The team were able to anticipate our needs according to initial discussions and make appropriate recommendations. They were highly responsive throughout the build and after launch they have continued to provide excellent technical support and advice whenever we've needed them.

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Dapth is our primary digital provider for all development projects, whether joint with our internal team, or completed by them independently. They always provide the right experts according to the scope of work and remain highly agile and responsive.


What Dapth did with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales and an increase in total sales, indicating its not just a transfer from onsite to online sales activity...online sales have increased efficiency for all patrons (less queue time) and administrative staff.

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