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Dapth was founded with the urge to not just digitalise businesses but address the human. Digital does not exist without the human, digital is for the human. Your business is connected to people, your team, your customers, suppliers, stakeholders. There is a human side involved, a human element to consider. Through us, you thrive as we digitally unite your teams, your tools and your processes. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have damn good glasses. Are you ready for a digital revolution?  


The digital world is rapidly evolving, ever changing. We understand the complexity, find and build solutions. We change your business for the better and build on relationships with our clients as we face the future of digital together.


Dapth is a new narrative, a new venture and an accurate representation of the human team that will support your growth through digital. Services will stay the same but articulated and expanded in line with the work we do, making it more accessible to all.

Digital Change

There is a need to better communicate, articulate and present digital services globally. What was Integranet Digital will be absorbed into Dapth. Amalgamating under a new banner has become a natural evolution, a correction of positioning.

Our Vision
Phil AllenDirector, Owner

"Dapth is our new name, to us it feels like a new venture, but is essentially an accurate representation of our team, services, partnership and work we do. The business will stay true to its foundation to be a leading development partner. We will continue to stay in our lane, services will continue to evolve and they will be better articulated and expanded inline with our core."

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